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Gourmet Burger Party

BBQ Catering Services Adelaide from Lets Eat Catering

Start off your party with a selection of our Gourmet Finger Foods

  • Grilled and Glazed Prawn Skewers
  • Peppered Beef Mignons (Fillet Steak wrapped in bacon and served on a toothpick with a bernaise sauce)
  • Peking Duck Pancakes (c) Authentic Peking duck plum sauce, cucumber and Asian vegetables wrapped in a crepe.
  • Cold assorted quiches
  • Cocktail sized Nori Sushi Rolls with a Variety of fillings including vegetarian (c)

Next your guests will indulge in a trio of our delicious Gourmet Mini Burgers.  Choose any 3 from the following:

Let's Eat Burger

Home made beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelised onion, bearnaise and our own special tomato relish

Ring a Ding Burger

Home made beef patty with a deep fried onion ring, tomato relish, bearnaise sauce, lettuce and cheddars cheese.

Lemon Herb Chicken Burger

Chicken breast marinated in a lemon herb marinade, lightly grilled bacon, gourmet lettuce, tomato and aioli dressing

Chick'oodle Chilli Burger

Grilled chicken breast marinated in a chilli, ginger and coriander yoghurt with a cucumber raita, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli and mango chutney.

Bull Burger

Prime porterhouse grilled medium, topped with caramelised onion, cheese, bacon, gourmet letuce, tomato and aioli.

Vegetarian Burger

Home made vegetarian patty, beetroot relish, gourmet lettuce and aioli

Thai Fish Burger

Thai fish cake, coriander cream, cucumber, tomato and baby spinach.

Bo Peep Burger

Lamb Patty, Gourmet Lettuce, Tomato, Red onion, mint jelly and aioli

Lamb Lamb Burger

Delicious lamb burger, home made tzatziki, roasted capsicum, gourmet lettuce.

Little Pork Burger

Pork burger topped with apple slaw and baby spinach

Included : Staff, BBQ Hire, Sauces, Napkins, Disposable Plates and Cutlery.  Based on 50 people. 

Less guests give Natalie a call for a free quote on 1300 557 060