• BBQ's

    The best BBQ Menu in Adelaide.  Need a BBQ Pack while you and family are in isolation give us a call.

  • Cupcakes Galore
    Cupcakes Galore

    Delicious Home Made Cup Cakes


  • Subs, Sandwiches & more
    Subs, Sandwiches & more

    Great choices available for delivery

  • Anto Pasto Platter
    Anto Pasto Platter

    Great Platters available for Delivery

  • Pre Made Meals
    Pre Made Meals

    Are you in isolation or having trouble sourcing products.  Solution is here!

    Lunch, Dinner and even Sweets. 



6  items per person - $19.90 per person
8  items per person - $26.50 per person
10 items per person - $33.00 per person
12 items per person - $39.50 per person
15 items per person - $49.50 per person

  • Arancini Balls (Risotto) (H) - Italian risotto balls lightly crumbed, deep fried.  Variety of flavours
  • Beef Mignon (H) - Fillet Steak wrapped in bacon and served with a Peppered Bearnaise sauce
  • Beef Wellington (H) - Deconstructed, our own twist on a classic, Fillet Beef, Puff Pastry, Pate & Mushroom glaze
  • Beef Involtini (M) (C) - Rare Roast Beef filled with Vermicelli Noodles and Asian Vegetables served with a dipping sauce
  • Butter Chicken Roti (H) - Toasted almonds and fresh chicken gently cooked in our own butter chicken sauce wrapped in a light Roti bread
  • Chicken & Camembert Parcels (H) - Chicken, Onion and Camembert in a cream sauce wrapped in a filo pastry parcel
  • Chicken Drumettes (H) (GF) - Drumette with our own special marinade
  • Chicken Pie (Petite) (H) - Filled with creamy Chicken & Leek filling
  • Chicken & Mushroom Filo (H) - Creamy chicken and mushroom in a white wine sauce wrapped in filo pastry
  • Filo Triangles (H) - Filled with a variety of fillings Chicken & Herb, vegetarian also available
  • Fish Fillet Bites (H) - Lightly battered Petite Whiting Fillet
  • Lamb Kofta (H) - Middle Eastern meatball on skewers
  • Mushrooms with Blue Cheese (H) - Bite size mushrooms with rich and creamy blue cheese and bacon
  • Prawn Skewers (H) - 3 Prawns on skewers marinated with honey rosemary glaze lightly grilled
  • Prawns wrapped in Bacon (H) - Prawn wrapped in bacon and slowly cooked and served with our own dipping sauce
  • Quiches (M) - Filled with traditional Lorraine (Bacon & Cheese) - vegetarian also available
  • San Chow Bow (H) - Pork and Chinese vegetables in a Chinese BBQ Style mixture served in individual cups
  • Thai Fish Cakes (H) - Fish Cake with thai spices served with sweet chilli sauce

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